His promise






"His Promise"


“His Promise”

God, in all His grace and glory
Spoke to me in a soft, loving voice
And rewarded me for my long awaited choice
To finally let go and let God...
In all that I say and all that I do
He promised me a life shared with you
It is this promise that I cling to

When the days seem so very long
It's this promise that I relive
When I hurt from the emptiness Within my arms

I draw strength to make it through one more day
I’m given the gift of visions of the plans we’ve made
And when we talk each night
Again, I’m reminded of the promise made

To have a life of love
A life of laughter and joy
Not a life free from trials
But a life with someone to help make me smile
And hold my hand as we walk the miles
Miles along a journey...
Through life, towards our Heavenly Home
Knowing this promise....
Helps me to keep going on
You are a physical reminder
Of the joy that is yet to be
You are the living promise
My God has made to me
And His Word above all others, I believe
And I do because of the living, breathing, Faith
That fills me so completely.





-- Tammy Hornbeck