He Honors Me






"He Honors Me"


He honors me...
He doesn't have to
He chooses to
It's enough I know
When no one is watching
He tells me so
Not just "I love you's"
Although those words have never meant so much
With constant words of praise
And the simplest of touch
A marriage is not lived in the public eye
It's in the private moments
That a marriage thrives
Yet, when it would suit no purpose
When he would have nothing to gain
My husband in public
Honored me with praise
I did not ask for it
It came as a bit of a surprise
But it affirmed my value
To see myself through my husband's eyes
I do my best
To be the wife god wants me to be
And most of the time
I feel that I succeed
But there's always a trace of wonder
Is it really so?
It's when he honors me publicly
That I truly know
He honors me, Lord
It's a gift from you indeed
For public praise
Even private praise
Are still so new to me
Instead of being the one giving
I am the one receiving
And what a precious blessing indeed
Thank you god for giving me a husband
Who loves me enough to say
In private and in public
That he's proud of me today.


-- Tammy Hornbeck