The Hawk Game





While driving in the country
My husband’s keen eye
Started a game we now all play
Who can spot the most hawks
Him, our kids or me

So, now it never fails
As I drive our old back roads
I catch myself counting
Even though I am alone

But what I wanted to share with you
The reason I picked up my pen
Is to share the blessing
I now carry within

For every time I see a hawk
A smile appears on my face
But the blessing I’m speaking of
Comes in a different place

For every time I see a hawk
I feel joy I can’t explain
So the next time you’re driving around
Try playing The Hawk Game

Take a minute and look up
Take a minute to look around
And I’ll just bet you will get
A blessing of your own
It’s the simplest source of joy
I have ever known.


-- Tammy Hornbeck