God's Presence






"God's Presence"


A thought has rolled around in my head
For several days now on end
As I read God's holy word
I wonder why God does not visit us
As He did in the ancient biblical world
I read of David and John the Baptist
I read of Mary, Martha and Esther too
The people felt God's presence
All during their daily tasks
They spoke to him as I do you
When did this precious bond get broken
And is it this divide going to last?
Will there ever be a day when we will walk with God
Talk with God
Feel him everywhere
Not just in heaven
But with us on earth, here?
Why doesn't He talk to us as He did them?
Why doesn't he reveal himself to us today
Wouldn't it suit His purpose more
If his only purpose is to save this wretched world?
What is so different?
If sin is sin is sin
If God is no respecter of persons
Where do we all fit in?



-- Tammy Hornbeck