God is Listening






"God is Listening"

Love lifts you up Fills every heart with joy
Love lifts you up
And it's every heart's desire
Whether you are a girl or a boy
Love lifts you up It does not harm or put down
Love lifts you up Makes you smile and not frown
Love lifts you up It does not condemn
Love lifts you up Makes your spirit truly soar
Love lifts you up And is the key to heaven's door
Love will never hurt Love is expressed in deeds and in words
Love lifts you up
And if words spoken don't
They are not of the Lord
God gave us free will
To love or to hate
But He is a just God
So don't speak in haste...
Stop...and think
Better yet, stop and pray
Are the words you're about to say
Going to lift up or tear down?
Whether you make man angry
Is not the true consequence
Will you make God angry Should be your only deciding factor
Better yet, it should be your first Because if you ask that question first
You'll know what I know
And the words that you speak next
Will be spoken only in love and kindness
As all words of a Christian should be
So, stop and pray before you speak More than I...
God is listening



-- Tammy Hornbeck