Fight For The Light






“ Fight For The Light ”

Why couldn't I see how things could be?
What blinded me from God's miraculous light?
How much pain does it take to make you not want to fight?
What is your breaking point.. .do you even know?

It’s frightening when I look back
To see what I was, and what I wasn’t
It’s exciting to look forward
To what I am, and what I can be
Because of the change God has made in me

Often, I wake up
Amazed and surprised
At the many, many blessings I now have in my life
Things I never dreamed I deserved
But wanted and needed to survive
Things I now see others take for granted
And it shames me, to remember that I did

Things like the warmth of the sun…
The beauty of the stars on a clear night…
Two beautiful, healthy, happy children…
My husband by my side…
Because he wants to be
Not because he has to be
Just like God wants to be our savior
He does it because He wants to
Not because he has to
So, I urge you to ask yourself
“What about me?”
What are you taking for granted?

But it is not too late
God is still waiting
He never gives up on us
He is the only one with Unconditional Love
When friends and family let you down
God will be there when you turn around
Don’t settle for the darkness of life
Fight for the difference in God’s ethereal light
And wake up tomorrow living a new wonderful life
I did, and I can’t believe I waited so long
Don’t wait any longer…

-- Tammy Hornbeck