“ Doors ”

A book.
It all started with a book
I guess God uses doors of every kind
He chose a book as mine
I've tried so hard to fight this ministry
I didn't want it
I'd whisper, speak, or scream
I ran and ran and ran and ran
But they kept coming...
Guided by God's own hands
And it hurt too much
I'm not strong, I'm weak
But these were just excuses
Why God couldn't use me
At least, not for this
Give me something else, I'd say
Until God used a book to show me the way
He planted seeds all around
Until my heart became fertile ground
Now a door has been opened before me
Beginning a special women's ministry
Women who have been battered, beaten, and broken
Not unlike myself a few years ago
I will be their symbol of hope
Through my life, my testimony
I pray they will see
The way their life is supposed to be
The life God has in store for each and every one
When they surrender their hearts and lives
to His perfect will
When they seek Him when they are alone and still
Letting God guide them every day
Allowing new blessings to fill their days
Peace, like they have never known
Will finally make their hearts its home.

-- Tammy Hornbeck