Daddy's Chair






“ Daddy's Chair”
Daddy's chair...
It's where he rests after a hard day
It's where Mom sits when he's away It's the seat the kids fight to claim
It's a place where we all feel safe
Daddy's chair...
Is more than a piece of furniture
More than home decor
It's the throne of a man of God
Visiting here on earth

It’s where mom and dad cuddle
It’s where nightmares are chased away
It’s the place the puppy sleeps
It’s a place to sometimes pray

Daddy’s chair…
Is where I go to feel close
When the hours seem so long
It’s where he pulls out his guitar
And sings gospel songs

Daddy’s chair is as vital to a home
As the ceiling and four walls
It’s the holding place
Of the family’s hearts
For Daddy’s chair is where
Healing starts.

-- Tammy Hornbeck