Coming Home






“ Coming Home ”
Suitcases on the floor
A nostalgic look around the room
The familiar sense of "home"...
Soaking in the tub...
My mind relaxes and my soul catches
Filtering melodies of
Mom singing Gospel songs
Drying off with the towel
I glance in the mirror
At a new woman starring back at me
"Thank you Lord, for my new family"
Help me, Lord, with my old one
For in the living room
Sat two women
One who gave birth to me
But was as much a stranger
As one I'd meet walking on the street
The other, my new mother-in-law
Who loved me, in Christ, even before her son
And with God's love in our hearts
We soon become closer than you could ever know
And God knows I love her so!
Though we've traveled hundreds of miles There is one thing I know That when I'm with my husband's family I'm always coming home.


-- Tammy Hornbeck