Change is Coming






" Change is Coming "

I can feel a change coming
I felt it when I walked outside
And felt the cold dew on my feet
The daylight is shorter
The nighttime comes sooner
And soon God's path for me will be open
There's a change coming
So much is going on
We've opened our first church
And during last night's services
A realization occurred


My husband is my pastor too
I saw him as that for the first time
It’s so hard to see him
As something other than mine
But I do now

My first book is being published
Even sooner than I thought
Even though this has been my dream
It’s still a frightening thing
What if I fail?
What if it does well?
Either way….
Things are going to change

Gone is my comfort zone
Before I was an unknown
Now I am in the spotlight
It was just a plan…
Just a vision…
A hope…
Before we opened the church doors
Now we’re on a journey
That will change our lives forevermore

Change is coming
And although I had been wanting it to come
A part of me wishes
That it could all be undone
But that is just Satan
Planting fear in my heart
If I stay in God’s will
Satan can do no harm

Help me to remember that, Lord
Help me to stay strong
Help me to remember
That in your hands
Nothing can go wrong

-- Tammy Hornbeck