" Champ "
We already had two dogs
A bird dog, and a mix-breed
Both stay in the back yard
The kids rarely play with them
We have to argue when it's time to feed them
So another dog was not in our plans
I'd be the first one to say "no"
When a kitten or puppy was asked to stay
All of that changed one spring day
A friend of ours had a Boston terrier named "scooter"
They bred him and sold their pups
I kept the kids away
Knowing the temptation would be too much
For them, not for me
Or so I thought...
It started out with my husband two days before
Saying, "if we didn't already have two dogs, I wouldn't mind having one"
So far, I had stayed strong...
Then when these same friends
had a seemingly harmless garage sale
My daughter and I stopped by
She insisted we see the puppies first
"Ohhh, They're soo cute!" she said
"No! Don't even think about it!"
See, I'm still okay, I'm not weak...
But when my friend mentions that my husband had been by
And how he'd played with them for such a long time
Suddenly, I wasn't so strong
Right then, I remembered what he'd recently said
That he'd always wanted one...
The next thing I know
I'm bringing "Champ" home
My husband does so much for us
I rarely get to do anything for him
So, in a moment of weakness, I gave in
At least, that's why I thought I had done it
A week later, I'm not so sure
Now, I wonder if God didn't have a hand
In what I thought was my plan
I've begun to wonder if God used "Champ"
To open all of our eyes so that we'd learn to relax
He's an endless supply of giggles and smiles
He coaxes me outdoors to enjoy the sunshine of spring
The chores and business gets put on hold
Suddenly, I don't feel so old
How can you, with an energetic playful pup
Interrupting your day with so much love?
That's "our" Champ.


-- Tammy Hornbeck