“ Cassie or Debbie ”






“ Cassie or Debbie ”

I saw her Lord, step forward
My vision blurred with my tears
In an instant she changed right before my eyes
Time changed back to another year
And when I saw again I was surprised
For my sister stood before me
A lost angel in the darkest sea
And the pain of losing her to Satan
Added renewed passion to my pleas
"Please save her Lord! Show her the way out
Don't let her be lost like my sister!"
Keep her from paying that cost
She has two children Lord
What would happen to them if she's gone
They need her to show them the way
Save her today Lord, save her today!"
My sister is dead and gone now
And I don't know for certain her fate
She was living in the dark world of drugs
And I was too far away
Did anyone show her Your Love?
That life swallows you whole
And it burdens my heart
Because I just don't know

Perhaps when I get to Heaven
I’ll see a familiar face
And God will reward my prayers
And show me, they were not in vain.



-- Tammy Hornbeck