“ Blessings ”

What are blessings?
So many people don’t know
Once, I didn’t either
The darkness of this world
Hid them from my view
It was not until I found Jesus
That the meaning came to be truth

Blessings are all around
Some are big, some are small
You don’t see them with your eyes
You see them with your heart

Blessings come in many ways
A smile from your spouse
A hug from a child
A simple “thank you”
Someone going the extra mile
A phone call out of the blue
Just because someone was thinking of you

A healthy body…
A sane mind…
One more sunset…
One more sunrise…
A clear starry night…

The bad things are sometimes easier to see
But that just gives more power
To the blessings

So, is your cup half empty?
Or is your cup half full?
That is the difference
Between a Christian and a fool

Choose today which one you’ll be
And start counting your blessings


-- Tammy Hornbeck