Blessed to Choose






" Blessed To Choose”


It’s the third day I’ve been in church
Most people don’t make it one
But I’m not complaining
I’m blessed…

Blessed to have a God who forgives
Blessed to worship a God who LIVES
I am blessed to know Jesus Christ
Blessed to have a happy, peaceful life

I wake up in the mornings
Cast the day’s burdens away in prayer
I go to bed each night praying
With a certainty He is there

I never want for nothing
All my needs are met
From whom my peace comes from
Is something I will never forget

I have loved ones, who just don’t understand
Unable to conceive He has a plan
A plan for them, for you, and for me
Hell is not our destiny!

A perfect world does exist
You can live there too
If you just resist…

Resist the devil
Surrender to God
The benefits are worth it
Believe it or not

Believe God’s Word, it is the truth
But God won’t make you choose
It’s up to you, you have free will
Choose while god is waiting still
There will come a time, you won’t have a choice
Choose now, while you still have a voice.

-- Tammy Hornbeck