All Things Possible





" All things Possible  "

With God, all things are possible...

Broken hearts love again

Broken relationships mend

Mothers and daughters

Who were once strangers

Can become what God meant them to be

Joined by love not just what's called, "family"

Love is earned and takes time to grow

I'm just sorry, it's taken so long to show

That I've always loved you

I've always cared I'm just sorry for the times

I've not been there

I'm sorry for the time that we've lost

Only time will tell what was the cost

But thanks to God, it doesn't have to stay the same

For with God, things have changed

I have a mother...

You have a daughter...

We can be close for what time we have left

Until the day Jesus comes back

I'll be grateful for the time we have

So, today I know I love you...

Today, know my heart is true

Today, know things are finally right

Between me and you

Today, know all things are possible

Know today, that God changed the past

That our bond is secure in His hands

Where it should have been...

But it is now...

And that is all that matters


-- Tammy Hornbeck