A Snake-Eating Serpent
Junior Level

Our Sunday school topic for today reviews Biblical situations involving serpents and snakes, showing that God has overcome sin through serpents and snakes and invokes a vibrant comparison between Moses and Jesus, both of whom saved God's people from sin.


Handout: A Snake-Eating Serpent

  1. Ask the students - Do you ever do things that are wrong, even though you know you are sinning?
  2. Ask the students - When you feel you have sinned, what do you do about it?
  3. Describe the Jews when they had sinned against God and condemned by God, but then forgiven by turning to Moses, who had a rod with a serpent by which God allowed them to live.
  4. Describe the crucifixion of Jesus, showing how Jesus is this kind of God, wrestking with sin for us and protecting us with God's forgiving grace.
  5. What does the Bible say?
  6. Describe the joy and personal reward of asking forgiveness when you recognize sin in yourself
  7. Challenge students to guide their friends to Jesus when their friends confess that they have committed sins.
  8. Prayer


Bring a pencil or stick to use as a rod and an object to place on the rod to represent a serpent 
(an eraser or other obejct)


The picture God painted for us with Moses and Aaron standing before Pharaoh that day was a picture 
of something even Satan could not fathom. God was going to robe himself in sin (become as a serpent) and be put to death in order to destroy the serpent Satan. Jesus was transformed on the cross just as the rod was transformed. In doing so "Death (notice the 
	capital D,
see also Rev. 6:8) is swallowed up in victory" (1 Cor. 


1 John 5:4
For whatsoever is born of God
overcometh the world:
and this is the victory that overcometh
the world, even our faith.