Lesson Plan on Saul's Conversion


Acts 9-13

  1. Saul has been persecuting the followers of Jesus

  2. God appears to him in a blinding light, asking "Why persecutest thou me?"

  3. Saul is blinded

  4. After three days God calls Ananias to go to Saul

  5. When Ananias arrives, the scales fall from Saul's eyes

  6. Barnabas takes Saul to the Apostles

  7. Saul, later called Paul, becomes an ardent preacher for Jesus

Divide Class into 3 Groups

Each group is a new level in a (simulated ) video game called "Blinders"

Explain the Story of Paul's Conversion

Give students 5 minutes for each group to prepare a short dramatization

Dramatize the story

Relate this negative behavior / forgiveness / preaching to students' lives

Handout on Saul