Quittin' Time

Quittin' Time
Junior Level

Our Sunday school topic for today focuses on the hope that one day we will rest from all our labor and be at home with our Lord. We must do our best to work for the Father here to further His kingdom in telling others of the gospel of Christ. We encourage one another that though we labor for a season, joy comes in the morning, and soon it will be quittin' time, and eternal peace with our Lord.

Handout: Quittin' Time

1. Ask the students -What are some ways that we as children of God, can do to labor for the Lord? Each person has his or her own ways of reaching out to others. We can express our love for the Lord in different ways. Telling others of the wonderful things He has done in your life and letting them know that He will do those things for them as well. Also, we can be a light to others by sharing God's word and the scriptures, or inviting them to come to meetings to worship along with us. Some do better by seeing actions. We can always have loving attitude of Christ toward others so that they notice that difference and desire to have that peace for themselves. They will want to know this peace and ask what they must do to get it. Each of us must ask God to show us how to reach the people we come across daily, He will lead you in the right direction. This comes through daily communication with GOD and reading His word.
2. Ask the students - How can we encourage fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to keep on working for the Lord when times get tough and discouraging times come? We can encourage one another by listening, by praying one for another, by bearing one another's burdens. Also, we can remind one another that soon it will be quittin' time and we can gather around God's table and reap the benefits of His love forever where we will toil and labor no more.
3. Sometimes life can get hard and we can get tired as we labor. Satan comes against those that love God and live for Him, however, if we can learn to keep our focus on the Father, instead of the hard times, we can go on in times when we are tired and when we are weary, He will be our rest. We can remind ourselves and one another that we are held by God and that His love can renew our minds daily and we can go and do what He has planned for us to do with joy and peace in our hearts in knowing that the time we toil here is nothing compared to the glory and eternity that we will soon get to experience.
4. What are some of the benefits you look forward to when it's quittin' time?
5. What does the Bible say?
6. Describe the joy and personal reward of humble dedication - the indwelling Christ
7. Challenge students to serve others in humility this week
8. Prayer


Bring and read some scriptures that tells of the joy that will soon come. (Romans 8:18; Psalm 30:5)



Matthew 25:21 "His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord."



Father give me the strength,
to work for You down here below...
For I know that You are with me
where ever it is that I may go...
Give me wisdom,peace,and understanding,
Let me rest in your love sublime,
Help me always follow You Lord,
till the day it's my quittin' time.

(In the name of JESUS...Amen.)