NT Prophecy Game - New Testament Prophecies



Present this as a standard game or a video game. It features prophecies from New Testament stories - an upbeat approach because prophecy is usually associated with the Old Testament prophets. It also features levels. You might assign groups to each level and ask each group to focus on the scripture for that subject. This game can supplement other lessons you are developing in your class, thus providing continuity and an incentive to encourage attendance.

Here is a key to the levels of meaning:

Level I - Shipwreck!

Shipwreck - Paul predicts - We learn to trust and have faith

Level 2 - Beached!

Seeing Blindly - Jesus preaches - We can barely understand Godís kingdom

Level 3 - Denial!

Denying an error  - Jesus warns - We hear the warning, but behave badly anyway

(Check the video here.)

(More to come...)


NT Prophecy Game Copyright 2004 Bruce L. Cook