Lesson Plan on Faith - Noah's Ark

Reference:  6:14-8:22

Intro - Would you build a 15-story space station for Venus if God appeared to you and promised he’d have a rocket ready for you by next year?

Noah’s predicament: God’s promise versus risk of ridicule - sadness to see destruction

Optional: Assign students to draw illustrations of the ark, animals (caricatures OK)

Assign characters to 3 students: God, Noah, and Skeptic (a skeptical observer)

Students take turns reading Story of Noah with God and Noah doing their parts

Occasionally, ask Skeptic for a comment


Does anyone really face faith challenges any more?

Soldiers go to war

Taking an airplane on vacation

Trips to faraway places

Running a relay race

Ask where faith is found elsewhere in the Bible

Ask where faith is good in lives of the students

Summarize meaning for today


Handout on Noah