Grades 3-6 Lesson 38 Handout bfor Sunday School
The Life of Jesus Christ:  Lost!
Extra! Extra! Read All About Jesus’ Baptism   






(create a headline, above, from the lesson and draw a

picture from one of the verses, in the space below)













In yesterday’s news, ___________ of Nazareth came to the Jordan River to be _________ by ________ the Baptist, even though Jesus is not a sinner!  As soon as Jesus came up from the water, the Holy __________________ descended upon Him, in the form of a ____________, and it stayed on Him.  Jesus had the added excitement of seeing ______________ opened.  And then there was a ___________, right from Heaven.   It was the voice of God the ________________.  And He said that Jesus is His beloved __________, and that He was ________  ___________  with Him.  Stay tuned for more upcoming news of His public ministry.